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Bow to the priest Joachim Perry and President Barack Obama            
   This is general findings. More detailed contents of scientific researches are published in page Biology  
   Our salvation is in the fact that God is not knowable. He is out of reach even for the Angels. That’s why it’s better to hold on to God, to be out of reach for the Devil. The Beast fights for his life, so he is looking for its prey, and having found his likeness, attacks. That is, only people sparing the beast inside, find themselves within its reach, it means being natural similitudes to his victims. A man is endowed with invulnerability before the death (before her angels), only in this property - to be away from them, but not in fight with them. We are fasting and acting in ascetic doing, to be closer to God and to abide in His shelter, to be similar to God. It is not a brilliant mind, not a special talent, not the wealth of the world, not omniscience, but only the closeness in its piritual purity to the Creator makes life out of life.  
   This is the only advantage, enjoyed by people in the toughest fight for survival in the natural selection of endless wars. People are not endowed with special self-defense means, not only in the confrontation with a predator, but with bad climate conditions as well.  
   Any attack by the Beast can be identified only by spirit. It’s very hard in these moments to focus in prayer, or sometimes it’s even impossible, but you must say for sure that it is the forerunner of a disaster. Furthermore, developments in spiritual warfare gain visible semblance in their horrifying tragedies of great variety of forms in reality. One thing is clear – absolutely all the people recognize the attack by the spirit, but reactions differ. Some, having necrotized nature from debauchery of life, drunkenness and so on, meet the disaster without any resistance, though they would like to live. Some others take urgent measures. They either rush into battle with lots of strengths (or would like to rush) or flee. This is a manifestation of female (intuition) and masculine origins. A woman protects herself, because she bears a fetus. A man tries to intercede for his life in a battle. This battle is the most important and basic thing, which forms both the historical process and the very evolution of a man. He avoided or defeated the Beast down there, in those areas of nature of the world and everything else took visible appearance - became a triumph of life for him automatically. This as a triumph of Orthodoxy. And this formula of Salvation was reflected in the Holy Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He was out of reach for the forces of the abyss and survived. I.e. the sanctity of life is a natural state of people, which will be always and everywhere in demand. Or religiosity - the basis of natural selection, which formed a man. This work reveals the meaning of it. Russia and America are pushed down into this beastly hole by people, unaware of the Truth by propaganda of atheism and dissolute life, make people available for predators. During the study of the theory, you will find the merge or the animation of matter and processes in it, quite unusual for a researcher . It should not scare you, because it is normal. The fact is that scientific and technological development should be part of a human body, an extension of his body. As well as implements are an extension of the body for some time to perform certain tasks. Otherwise, the technological revolution will once again become a foreign body in a living organism, not only the society. The third option is not given here - or life killing, or its adoption, where it is impossible without these tools, without scientific progress .  
Best regards, Evgeniy  
   The three foundations for this theory: Constancy, explosion and being-unit (constancy interference). Краткое обоснование приведено в этой статье.  
   It seems to me that it makes sense to combine the tendencies of scientific findings into a single unit, on based on this level of work performed on the site.  
   Everything large can only be seen from afar. The recognition of God is fulfilled in the universe. The longer these things happen, the fuller and better His essence is reflected in being. In particular, in the general degradation of the universe God stays the same, and the universe, getting cooler, takes the form under this effect. It was how the apparent harmony appears in the world and the harmony is now born by the person in his acts. If a single person can execute the Will or implement the plan of the First Cause, if it continues to claim lives, where there is no life, then a man survives anywhere, anytime... Otherwise, the purification can not be avoided (in other words through repentance a man has the power even over the Last Judgement). This is the basic essence of Orthodoxy, this is His messianic ministry to the world. Death is just a return to earlier forms of degradation of the universe (but not into any baobab, but a soul becomes a 'prepuce of nature’). Here are some results of such studies, in short.  
   According to Plato, when the idea copulates with the matter, the latter takes the form of ideas.  

   For example, a boulder contains a statue, the plan for which in known to the cutter. So, the world is a thought of God, the philosopher concludes. It is true, because the universe is not just some kind of formlessness of permanent coincidences. This is not just an amorphous mass, order and regularity, symmetry and graceful forms. Since we accept this beauty with mind, we understand the design, which we have not created yet. We study the Idea of what is not ours, but of God.  

   Realizing it and delving into the infinite beauty of the world, we understand something else – that we aalso have to accept the will of Creator in order to become a part of the greatest Idea. This is the answer to the question about the nature of man’s happiness. Happiness is the humility to your fate, predetermined from Above, it is life in Thinker’s Providence, a life according to His Will, obedience to His Thought. Then the fate of a man becomes as beautiful and beautiful as this world, as a world, created by the Creator.  

   Then there is a question of death. If everything is so good, how can we put up with this inevitable?  

   In fact, there is no death. To accept the Will of God means to give yourserlf to the natural course of events. For example, the puppy right after the birth starts seeking for the nipples of his mother, the birds make their nests, a kitten, without a mistake, among many other things finds a tasty piece of meat. Where this knowledge came from? It is in the nature of things, in natural course of life, in a program, fixed right in the womb. So in order to beat the biological death means to break free from the fear of it, the fear of a changing, to purify ourselves from everything that prevents the free expression of nature in itself, that interferes with the constant degeneration: appearance in the womb, birth, an appearance of a new man, meaning a wedding and then spirit rebirth, that is old age, a new rebirth to the kingdom of Heaven.  

   If you put a a piece of meat in front of a puppy, he will not play with it, and will immediately begin to eat it, even if he does it for the first time. An instinct, as memory inherented by the nature of an animal, is pushing for an unmistakable act. The same thing happens in human nature. An instinct, as a memory of a lost being, is triggered at the time of life when starting a new birth, which we call the next biological change in us - death. The same thing happens with a butterfly from the caterpillar. Or when the plant starts its development from a seed, its weak stem before seeing the sun, streams through the thickness of the earth, encountering stones, and rodents and what not. Still, he climbs up to where never was and never saw (it even can not assume what is there beyond the line, after which the sky begins), but these things inherented by it naturally! Naturalness can not stay where there is no life, confidently go where there are no conditions for the same (!) future (!) life. The point is that people freely have to go along this road of change, i.e. to calm down and rely on God’s Will, to allow their nature (put in themselves) to fully express in natural development of being. And not just relax but make every effort in unison with that universal flow. Then we have another question: where to go or how to guess the direction vector of this universal flow, in order to find happiness in life? The answer is simple. As our rebirth happens on the way to the fullness of expression of the sublime of Nature in being, then a man is also need to constantly improve himself and everything around him up to complete Divine. Only on such conditions life for him will not stop both in other world and in the future. I.e. when the duty of a man, his will and natural development of the world are mated. It is fortunate for him. The universe with its course of events accompanies him in everything, from one hand. And on the other hand, it crushes everything that gets in his way (against him) and thus protects the man. Thus, the need for organs of self-defense in humans is not necessary any more. That means, there is no need for powerful horns, hoofs, coat, and so on, as natural selection has shaped it religious, thanks to which he holds to his life-saving place in the Universe. It is a circumstance which will be dominant in the formation of a person with a set of qualities and properties, which will determine survivability in the most severe natural selection of the next millenniums. It’s enough for a man to be mated to this universe. Unlike animals, which received a set of qualities and properties, which makes it possible to survive in the struggle against the elements and predators in the process of evolution, i.e., one way or another, live in opposition to the universal flow.

   It’s remarkable that at the end of one period of life, you have everything you need for life after being born again. For example, in the womb of its mother, a baby, being fed through the umbilical cord, has everything necessary for independent living in another element: lungs, digestive organs and so on. It does have them, but they show themselves only when they become claimed. For example, a lot of unnecessary and senseless things have their place in a life of a man, and they can not be claimed as having special primary significance. I am talking about music, art, as a derivative of vital processes, occurring only in the soul. I mean, as though the soul has no relevance to the digestive and food obtaining processes, but it is claimed only after the separation of soul from the body. Why? Because eternity is one of the many beautiful properties of the Truth and likening to It, exactly in this form of High beauty is an essence of natural arrangement of a living organism (defending its beauty, i.e. eternity). As life shows, only absolute emptiness has the property of an absolute constant and the universe is progressing right in this direction - it is likening to an absolute emptiness. Only such displays of life, which best reflect this property, is viable. For example, the constancy of shape is kept not only by the achievement of high hardness, but also due to the properties of matter to react to the forerunner of an event in advance, allowing to avoid a devastating collision. Thus the first organism, protecting itself from everything that can disrupt its form constancy, appers.

   On the other hand, with no energy, it’s impossible to keep the shape in being, as an Image of Truth, even for every micron of the world. In other words, the human body is a device to keep the eternity of forms on Earth, an attempt to reflect the Truth in this nature of the universe. We eat food to be constant in our Image of God. In order to be similar to the Truth in one of its properties (an eternity or a constant), meaning, to live. The Truth is always radiates life-giving energy, because for us everything, giving life (not only the body, but the soul) is beautiful or meaningful. We eat the Truth in its various forms (a product, although not priglyadny in appearance, has an excellent value for the body) and take Its Image. For this reason, that in our body, which is not claimed today for life on the Earth, has and will have the significance already in the Kingdom of Heaven, in an absolute emptiness for the material world. But even in this life products to maintain the health are required. That’s why we draw, listen to music, and attend services. I hear the cry: if there is the truth, then why is there so much grief the world? It is important to say this. God always sends Himself around. The only question is whether we can accept Him as a new impetus to life, as a redemptive act. After all, the very nature of a man is an adjustment, adapting the Truth for himself. Food, in all senses of the word, must be pre-processed, and during the process the body produces the Truth, carrying life-giving meaning to the body. I.e. if I may say so, teeth, digestive system, as well as diligence of a person, with which Homo Sapiens press down a Universe, are natural demonstration of life and a human body, in particular. After all, many things that once threatened the life of a man, now becomes clear beauty and harmony refreshing addition to him. For example, two people are eating healthy and tasty food. It gives strength to one of them and death to the other, because the latter, for example, has a shot in his stomach. So this whole world brings life to us; if we’re healthy, if we have an Image of God, then we get everything from Him with true appreciation, with an understanding of what’s happening.

   It’s important to realize the following. It is obvious from life experience, that a man combines two natures, of contrary nature. One component of his nature wants to eat and sleep, to get carnal pleasures. Another one, on the contrary, tries to be where it is peculiar for it to be, considering the likeness of nature. If one finds its satisfaction, another rebels against such state of affairs. So a climber, for example, is aiming to the top of a mountain (where the infinity of space is clearly felt around), while torturing his body with overwork, hunger, cold and constant risk. A boxer enters the ring to win the championship. A bodybuilder lifts tons of weight per training to give a beautiful shape to his body. Skydiver wants for a few moments to become an Angel of God. And so on. Meaning, in order to become like one of Divine Attributes or Qualities a person bears a tremendous overloads, risks with his health and so on. And conversely, when the body sleeps and eats a lot, the living soul is suffering, conscience is tormenting for the weakness against temptations and so on. At the moment of biological death, the soul takes place, which it was seeking for all its life. Flesh also finds a place, she was gravitated to.  

   It necessary to consider one more overriding circumstance: presence of something in each of us, relative to what we can distinguish changes occurring in us from infancy to old age, and this somwthing does not lose its being even after our death. Otherwise, none of us would be able to discern any changes in our bodies and even nothing in nature. For example, if you are swiming downstream, you can not specify the movement of the river. You need a bank, with respect to which these changes are tangible. In other words, the consistency with respect to which we discern the changes in our bodies and around us (from early childhood to old age) - this is the part of human nature, which remains living after death or rebirth. The time will come when we will arrive at this bank, as our ancestors. In other words, as if the soul fell into the water and tries to get out of there, in defiance of its body, desiring to stay in the water forever.  

   Moreover, the presence of this constant, unchanging stronghold causes the life itself. Without it there can be no nervous system – an analyst for change around the body and in himself. Constancy ennobles it, proves its victory in those moments, when life itself calls this constancy, letting Him into itself. At all times, this action is called a prayer. With respect to this constant (the bank) the changes not only in ourselves but in the outside world as well are quite significant. In other words, the surrounding nature is also a part of the body. It means that a person has the power over nature, when rising up above it, when he is likened to God and His property to be permanent.  

   These constancy and energy, radiating from him, can not be sensed by organs of sense, which are not adapted to these things. Meaning, that it is hard to distinguish rainbow colours with hearing or to see a sound wave and so on. It’s like measuring volume with calipers or weighing a sack of potatoes with a high-powered telescope. Everything is relevant only to its own measuring similarity. For this reason, God can not be seen or touched the way we understand. We can only feel in Him what is absolutely like to our nature. For this reason, Yuri Gagarin could not see the Lord, sitting on a cloud in outer space, but could see only its manifestations, recognizable by the senses of man. I mean, the first astronaut saw God, but did not realize that it was Him.  

   Let’s give an example. You meet an old acquaintance. He gives you his hand. It is clear that you also give him what is usuallygiven in respect of this friendly gesture (hand shaking) – a hand. Then you are talking to him and look into eyes. You pronounce the sounds with the same organs as he does, and perceive his words with hearing organ, much like he does. And the words carry the meaning, which is formed by you and your interlocutor’s mind and the meaning is clear to your mind, as well as to the mind of your interlocutor. Otherwise, communication was impossible. I.e. in the process of communication similars can only communicate with its similars. For this reason, for prayer to God, it’s necessary to stimulate a nature similar to Him, God. Otherwise, the prayer will be empty. Thus, a person, during worship, activates the Highest Nature, similar to the Lord, in order to be in reach for Him. In other words, we live between heaven and earth. And the boundary between them is an Ultimate Authority for Earth and the lowest authority for heaven. The boundary itself, under the law of conservation of energy and matter and so on is a link, which has a very strong mutual influence of heaven on earth and earth to heaven. In other words, the boundary is the link, where Heaven is similar to Earth at most, and vice versa, the Earth is similar to Heaven, and both components form one coherent whole. Thus, the stimulation of neighboring naturals in contact areas is life itself. Meaning, it’s not necessary to be a prophet of the Old Testament in order to clearly understand the obvious – if God exists, He embodied from the purity of the Virgin, and was born without a sin, then He will not die. We see this in the Gospel: The Son of God comes to sinful Earth as well and leaves, meaning, resuscitate from the dead. Then the principle of Incarnation of Jesus Christ from the Immaculate Virgin becomes clear: God stimulates the part of nature, which is most similar to human nature, in Him to communicate with a man. It should be explained in more details. Who is a man? Imagine, an onlooker fell into the water and began to sink, because he can’t swim. A lifeguard jumped down for him. Two people in the water, but one of them for his laxity or by mistake (sin) is in trouble, and the other one – due to his compassion. One is helpless and lost, in a panic. Another one is focused, can swim, physically fit and understand the essence of things. They are polar by spirit nature, but they are in the same position – both in the water (our case both of them have flesh).

   Another example. People went into a labyrinth and get lost. Sympathetic person takes a thread ball and begins to search them. At the end he finds them. What do we see? All people are in the same position, but one of them knows the way to the exit. From outside, they’re all the same, but inside they are different - some were here because of antics and curiosity, and this one spends his time and energy from a sense of compassion. The same is in evangelic situation. People found the nature of this world (of sinful flesh) during the Fall; Christ, the Son of God also finds the same world (flesh of a man) on compassionate grounds on His own initiative. In other words, the way we encourage a Higher Authority (similar to God in prayers), is like God encourages a His lowest authority in order to communicate with us, because we are His children and He is our Father by nature of Divine Love. What is unnatural to us (for bad swimmers), the norm of life for a guy from the rescue station, self-confident, a good judge of the case. That's the essence of God incarnation. The only option for the Creator was to talk via a neighbour, He was incarnated into for a short preiod of time, and only we can understand these words, they are useful for us in our bad situation. It’s a big trouble, if we can not hear them, and if we hear something, we can not accept them. That’s why Orthodox hermit monks are pleased to the first bystander, and are willing to serve him as slaves – because through him God Himself can talk to this stranger. This can be understood by those whose organs are awake and alive, the nature of whom allows to realize Impact of Grace, coming from the Creator, and they develop as independent of our control, in a natural way and have an independent life after biological death.  

   It means that already here, in this life, you can feel and use these capabilities, which are attained in the spiritual experience of mankind. And Orthodoxy has a leading position here, the most highly developed expertise. At that an opening, a fundamental part ends. It is Sacred Precedent of Scripture and the Gospel. Further a purely technical work, during which we find out various forms of divine triumph over the world, begins. In other words, the way Absolut (we call its Constancy) can adapt in earthly being, in all senses and forms of its phenomena, starting from martial arts and ending with complicated atomic phenomena.      


Математика - одно из проявлений свойств Вселенной, ограниченная двумя степенями свободы. Для наглядности скажу следующее. Повторим, мы стоим на берегу реки. Мы видим перемены происходящие в реке. Если  берег двигается с такой же скоростью как вода, то не распознать течения вод. Это понятно.

То есть постоянство берега - главное условие распознания перемен в реке. Течение этих вод  стремится унести нас с собой,  подталкивает расслабиться уйти от борьбы с этой стихией, но душа требует вечного, хочет быть там, где для неё естественно быть – выйти на этот священный берег. Это борьба, которая требует напряжения сил духовных, душевных и физических. Без напряжения не может быть никакого противостояния смерти. Понятно, что всякое напряжение не приятно есть, оное всегда боль и страдание. Борьба с этим миром, полного зла всегда приносит только мучения, но люди осмысленно идут на это, ради жизни души, а значит её вечности в земном проявлении. Рай для человека – это такое состояние когда нет этой борьбы, когда человек смог оказаться там, на этом берегу Царствия Небесного. Ненависть во имя справедливости – это первый признак, что человек не имеет радости, не видит свет Божьей Правды и наоборот заходит на глубину, откуда выхода почти уже нет.  Как этот момент выразился в истории   России, а значит всего человечества, вы прочтёте в данном сайте.

   Почему речь идет только о постоянстве, игнорируются все остальные свойства, которым наделён этот «берег», не изменяемое бытие? Потому что именно это качество наиболее адекватно участвует в математическом анализе, наиболее сильно адаптирован в логике разума, в его свойстве мыслить в рамках одной степени свободы, то есть всякие одухотворённые и душевные свойства не могут быть задействованными по причине ограниченности самой сферы, где математический анализ естественная реальность. Сие совсем не означает, что берег сей не населён множеством прекрасных обитателей: Ангелами, Архангелами, святыми угодниками Божьими, Пресвятой Богородицей. То есть мы, господа, пытаемся опять привнести смешение не сопоставимых понятий, которые не смешиваются в реальности. Происходит это от того, что вы пока слепы и не видите, не чувствуете под ногами твердыню, по которой душа будет уверенно идти во Царствие Небесное. А это нащупать надо уже при жизни, уже сейчас каждому надо чётко распознать дно, свидетельствующее о близости берега. Вы не задавайте себе вопрос о том, какое это чувство, как именно воспринимается нашей природой  земля сия. Вы сразу поймёте, что вот оно это самое, вот эта твердыня, на которую уверенно стою, зацепился, хотя вы впервые в зрелой жизни ощутили эту святую землю. Будущая земля по которой придётся идти после смерти в обязательном порядке должна быть распознанной уже при жизни здесь на Земле. Это самое важное для каждого из нас. Сие заложено природой вещей. Также как котёнок уверенно, в одном из двух абсолютно одинаковых по форме, цвету кубиках, распознает кусочек мяса и пройдёт мимо деревянного из них, к примеру. Хотя никто и никогда ему об этом не говорил и не показывал. Подойдёт и даже будет его есть. Сие заложено в его природе. Также Царствие Небесное заложено в каждом человеке.  Именно в этом весь смысл такой сугубой строгости и аскетизма Православной веры, самой трудной из всех религий и самой прекрасной.  





English (Translated from Russian Alessandra Posca)

Mathematics is one of the manifestations of the characteristics of the Universe, which is defined by two degrees of freedom.  For the sake of illustration, let me explain it in this way. We are standing on a riverbank. We see changes occurring in the river. If the riverbank is moving at the same rate as the water, the current cannot be discerned.  This is clear.

In other words, the constancy of the riverbank is the principal condition for discerning changes in the river.  The current tries to carry us away with it, urging us to relax and give up the struggle with this force.  However, the soul desires the eternal and wants to be in its natural place, to go to this sacred riverbank.  It is a struggle that demands spiritual, mental and physical exertion.  There can be no confrontation with death without effort. Clearly, not all effort is pleasant; it is  the difficulty; there is always some pain and suffering. The struggle with this world full of evil always brings nothing but torment, but people consciously enter into it for the sake of their souls, or immortality in its earthly manifestation.  For humans, paradise is a state in which this struggle does not exist, where one finds oneself on this bank of the Kingdom of Heaven. Hatred in the name of righteousness is the first sign that a person is without joy and does not see the light of God’s Truth.  On the contrary, one descends to a depth from which escape is nearly impossible.  Read how this was expressed in the history of Russia, and thus all of humanity, on this site.

   Why do we talk only about constancy and ignore all of the other qualities of this “riverbank”, this unchanging being?  Because this is the quality that is most relevant in mathematical analysis, and the best adapted to the logic of reason and its capacity to think within one degree of freedom. That is, not all spiritual and emotional qualities can be activated due to the finite nature of this very sphere, where mathematical analysis is a natural reality.  Nevertheless, the riverbank is inhabited by a multitude of beautiful beings, such as Angels, Archangels, Saints and the Blessed Virgin Mary.  In other words, ladies and gentlemen, once again we are attempting to combine incompatible concepts that are not combined in reality. This happens because you are still blind and do not see or feel the rock on which the spirit will march confidently towards the Kingdom of Heaven beneath your feet. We need to discover this during our lives: each one of us must clearly recognize the depths that attest to the proximity of the riverbank.  Do not ask yourself what this feeling is or how our kind perceives this Earth. You will understand at once that it is the very same as this rock on which I am standing confidently, engaged, while you have experienced this sacred Earth for the first time in your adult life.  The future land where you will go after death must be recognized during life here on Earth. This is the most important thing for each of us. This is the nature of things, just as, for example, a kitten confidently recognizes one of two cubes, absolutely identical in form and color, as a piece of meat, and passes by the wooden one. Even though no one has ever told the kitten about this or shown it how to do this, it will approach the cube of meat and even eat it. This is its nature. Likewise, the Kingdom of Heaven is in each of us. This is the whole point of the exceptional strictness of the Orthodox faith, one of the most complex and beautiful of all religions. 


Сразу надо сказать, что мир сей для человека противоестественен, ибо в самом начале человек был рожден для Рая и в Рае, то есть в Истине он должен жить. Именно по этой причине, человек отличается от животного тем, что он постоянно ищет способ выйти из данного естества Вселенной и вернуться туда, где ему предопределено в начале всех времён, человек ищет Истину, как то, что когда-то было утеряно. (Животное - это существо, которое перестало искать Истину и ограничилось адаптацией в данных условиях среды в борьбе за выживание и жесточайшем естественном отборе.) Каждая йота Вселенной несёт в себе частичку Рая, разрушенного при грехопадении человека. И чтобы воссоздать самое первое естество Вселенной, человек по крупице собирает осколки той обители, из которой был изгнан. Так находясь в поисках Истины, человек автоматически совершенствует быт, ибо Рай - это одно из множественных свойств истины. Истина всегда адаптирована в каких-то свойствах, разглядев которые в окружающем мире, человек пытался к ним причаститься, что давало ему надежду и возможность обладать одной гранью Божественной Природы и тем самым совершенствовать окружающую его среду, то есть быт. Эволюция бытовых условий обязана своим бытием постоянному стремлению человека уподобиться Образу Божьему.                                   

Тогда чем отличается современный человек от самого первобытного? Он отличается понятийным языком, с помощью которого человек описывает Божественные Свойства. Понятно, что язык понятий-инструментов для описания Истины терпит сильные перемены в процессе эволюции вместе с совершенствованием опыта выживания человека. Именно по этой причине бить пещерного медведя, мамонта или сидеть в позе лотоса уйдя в нирвану, или вести научные изыскания в области ядерной физики и т.п. – разные формы богословия, это разные способы устремления и приобщения к БожественномуЧеловек был изгнан из рая и искал пути вернуться в прежнее свое положение. Что даёт человеку приобщение к Истине уподобляясь в каких-то свойствах Абсолюта? Истина наделена свойством вечности и человек в первую очередь стремится увековечить себя во всех смыслах этого слова. Вот направление движение эволюционного развития, которое нам следует продолжать отслеживать.                            

Человек так устроен, что он ведёт постоянно сравнительный анализ. Понятно, что если он молится, то окружающий мир сравнивает с Тем, с кем находится в молитвенном общении. То есть видит своё несовершенство, не совершенство мира и своего быта. То есть момент сей становится определяющим дальнейшее самосовершенствование и себя самого, и окружающей его среды, и помощь в совершенствовании ближних своих. Самое главное, человек знает направление движения к совершенству, созерцая Бога, как образца для подражания. Если нет молитвы, то будет всё остальное, но для учёного мира значимость имеет только способность адекватного анализа ситуации, особенно в  области космических технологий и работы по освоению космических просторов.



  I must start by saying that this world is unnatural for humans since, from the very beginning, they were born for Heaven, and in Heaven.  That is, human beings should live in Truth.   For this reason, humans differ from animals in their constant search for a way to escape from this material Universe and return to the place that has been their destiny since the beginning of time. They somehow search for Truth which, at one time, was lost. (An animal is a being that has ceased to seek Truth and is now capable of only coping in an environment where it is faced with a struggle for survival and the cruel reality of the survival of the fittest.) Each iota of the Universe carries a small part of Heaven that was destroyed by humanity’s fall from grace. In order to recreate the very first substance of Creation, humans are gathering the scattered fragments of the dwelling place from which they were exiled. Thus, in their search for Truth, humans automatically improve their lives, since Heaven is one of the many manifestations of Truth. Truth has always been adapted to certain characteristics, with which humans have tried to commune after recognizing them in the surrounding world. This gave them hope and the opportunity to be in control of one dimension of Divinity, and thus improve their situations (i.e., their daily lives). Improved living conditions have been made possible through the never-ending quest to resemble the Image of God. Eternity - a property of Truth. Man, too, becomes an eternal living on earth.                        

Then how do modern humans differ from their primitive ancestors?  They differ in their use of conceptual language, with which they are able to describe the Divine Qualities.  It is clear that the conceptual language used to describe Truth is drastically changing in terms of development and the improvement of human survival. This is why beating a cave bear or mammoth, sitting in the lotus position and attaining Nirvana, carrying out research in nuclear physics, etc., - (it is) are different forms of theology and different means of aspiring to and communing with the Divine. Humans were exiled from Eden and sought a way to return to their former home.  How do humans find communion with Truth while likening themselves to some of the characteristic of the Absolute? Truth is immortal, and humans strive, above all, for immortality in every sense of the word. That is the direction of transformational growth, which we must continue to follow.                                                                                   

Humans are well-suited to perform comparative analyses. It is clear that if a person prays, he or she compares the outside world with That which is present in the prayer. That is, he or she sees his or her imperfections and the imperfections of the world and his or her daily life. Thus, this becomes the defining moment for the future improvement of both him or herself and the surrounding environment.  This also helps in improving his or her loved ones.  Most importantly, humans understand the path to perfection by using God as a model to emulate. Without prayer, there is nothing.  Humans are searching for Heaven, but without prayer they will not find it. All that is important for the scientific community is the ability to adequately analyze a situation in order to confirm the existence of Heaven and viable, suitable conditions in the cosmos and the expanses of space. 


С уважением, Евгений Небольсин  Yours sincerely, Evgeny Nebolsin



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